Louisiana news: Cayenne pepper benefits!

(NaturalNews) Cayenne pepper makes herbs up to 75% more effective, aids weight loss, offers pain relief, improves circulation and heals ulcers? Cayenne pepper, also known as capsicum, adds flavor to your food and has some impressive health benefits. Cayenne stimulates blood flow and can help burn body fat. It also fights inflammation and stimulates digestion, which helps break down food for better nutrient absorption. Cayenne is also a warming herb that has the power to significantly reduce pain. READ ARTICLE HERE!

4 ways women and men differ regarding weight loss

For various psychological and biological reasons, women tend to have a very different relationship with food than men do. Take this example: For a 2009 study, researchers had a small group of men and women fast for 20 hours, then undergo brain scans while being presented with their favorite foods (like pizza and chocolate cake). The volunteers were asked to smell and look at the foods, but not eat them. In the end, the researchers found that both men and women could stifle the urge to eat when asked to try, but only the men showed an actual decrease in activity in the motivation centers of their brains. CLICK HERE TO READ ARTICLE!

Sleep is essential to fuel weight loss efforts

(NaturalNews) We all understand the importance of sleeping seven to nine hours each night to allow for adequate cellular housekeeping, as the body metabolizes and synthesizes enzymes and proteins that are critical to our survival. In the past, a sound sleep has been shown to lower incidence of heart disease, diabetes and dementia in direct relationship to the number of hours slept each evening. CLICK HERE TO READ ARTICLE!

Why you’re so much more than what the scale says

While surfing the web the other day I saw a headline including the phrase “Why BMI is Useless” and I just had to click. The article (from the Daily Mail) went on to describe how a New York firm called Body Labs did full-body scans of different people, all with the same body mass index (BMI). The group then made a graphic that showed (surprise) that each of the 5’9” volunteers had very different amounts of fat weight versus lean muscle weight. CLICK HERE TO READ ARTICLE!

You are when you eat

(CNN)We have all heard the age-old weight loss advice to eat less and exercise more. But a number of recent studies suggest that the key to dieting success is not just in how many calories you eat, or don’t, but in when you eat them.

“There has been so much energy on what we eat and on carbohydrates and it’s only very recently that there have been studies to say that we have been ignoring timing and timing might be as important,” said Ruth Patterson, professor of family medicine and public health at the University of California, San Diego. Click here to read article!

Weight loss can reduce severity of asthma

Weight loss reduced asthma severity as measured by airway hyperresponsiveness in obese adults, a research study has shown. The incidence of asthma is 1.47 times higher in obese people than nonobese people, and a three-unit increase in body mass index is associated with a 35 percent increase in the risk of asthma. The study supports the active treatment of comorbid obesity in individuals with asthma. CLICK HERE to read article.